Community Outreach

Petfood Pantry

Every weekend Fixing the Boro hosts a pet food pantry at the clinic location. Dog and cat food will be available as well as some treats and potentially other supplies. The pantry is based on an honor system and you will receive one portioned bag of food per pet in your home. Stop in Monday - Wednesday 10AM-3PM and see what is on our community shelf!

915 E Inman Street, Statesboro, Ga 30458

Microchip Services and Vaccine Clinics

We offer microchip and vaccine clinics Monday - Wednesday 10AM-3PM. Please check here for current prices.

Heartworm Treatment

As we commonly see there are many wonderful heartworm positive dogs available for adoption in our area. While these dogs are not considered damaged or lesser than, they do need to be treated for their heartworms to ensure a long and healthy life. Fixing the Boro is able to offer a limited number of heartworm treatments each week. The entire treatment of heartworms takes a little over a month so appointments are made on a case by case basis.

Please reach out to Beth at 912-205-5978 or [email protected] to discuss heartworm treatment procedures and costs.