Who We Are

Fixing the Boro is made up of 3 Board Members, and 4 officers

Board Members

Sarah Roehm Photo
Sarah Roehm

An avid animal lover for the entirety of her life, Sarah always knew she wanted to open an animal rescue. When forming Fixing the Boro with cofounders Chris and Beth, they realized rescue alone was simply not enough for our area, or for a true goal to lower the number of animals in need in our area. The overall goal to open a spay/neuter clinic was formed, and Fixing the Boro began to take shape as a group interested in not just helping animals in need, but actually FIXING the problem.
Sarah's home is filled with adopted pups and kitties, and she has a menagerie of farm animals as well. From chickens and goats, to horses and mini horses, her heart beats for the animals, and she looks forward to continuing to help our community pets for many years to come.

Beth Stembridge Photo
Beth Stembridge

Beth is a Burke County native who made Bulloch County her home after finishing college at Georgia Southern. Beth has loved animals all her life and became a foster parent for dogs while attending college. After founding Fixing the Boro with Sarah and Chris, Beth has taken the role of spay/neuter coordinator and works hard to assist the community in finding affordable and accessible spay/neuter options. Beth spends her free time hanging out with her husband and four pups and can often be found scoping out new mountain trails to hike.

Chris Sterling Photo
Chris Sterling

Chris has been with Fixing The Boro since the beginning. Even though he's since moved out of the state, he's still involved in making sure all the bills get paid and the power stays turned on. He has 2 pets, a cat named Taz that was rescued from the Bulloch Country Animal Shelter, and a dog named Clara, who was rescued through Fixing The Boro.