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Direct Donations

Just want to give directly to Fixing the Boro? Donate via PayPal now!


Personal Online Fundraisers

Want to donate your birthday to Fixing the Boro? We can easily set up a donation page on our website specifically for YOU! Email us to set up your very own fundraiser!

Recent Rabbit Case

This year our small animals team has been bombarded with rescue assistance requests. An older woman with 4 rabbits that were dumped on her by a family member, a landlord that acquired 36 rabbits left behind in poor conditions by an evicted tenant, multiple people that bought cute Easter bunnies and now that it’s summer time, their vacation is more important than their responsibility, and a shelter desperate for help with a severely neglected bun are all REAL situations we have been asked to help with from just the first 2 weeks of June 2022 alone.
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Corporate Fundraisers

Want to host a food drive or other event and have Fixing the Boro as your benefactor? We would love the support! Email us ideas and we will be in contact with you.

Community Sponsorship

Does your business want to help end the animal overpopulation in Bulloch County? We offer several sponsorship packages for businesses to support us in our mission!

$100+ One-Time Donation
You will receive a shout out on our Facebook page, support decal to put in your business window, and a feature in our monthly newsletter for assisting in helping spay/neuter a pet.

$100 Monthly Recurring Donation
(with minimum 6 month agreement)
You will receive a shoutout on our Facebook page, support decal to put in your business window, and a spot on the Partners Page on our website.